Category white background photography

Product shoot

After very busy few weeks, finally managed to edit all product shots from the last studio shoot for a fashion catalogue. I photographed various items like bags, scarves and jewellery on simple white background. Advertisements

Baby shoots

Below is example of the same baby shots. I think it looks quite cute to have 3 different faces in one frame. What do you think?

Hair shoot

Enjoy most recent image from hair shoot to promote Aveda hair colour and the skill of Martine from hair salon in Redruth (Redruth 1) –

Technical shoot – white background

Not everyday I shoot fittings, pumps and other technical bits. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t laugh and its very tricky to photograph. I was required to shoot everything on the white background for a website. In the end I got hang of it and actually enjoyed the challenge of it. To shoot black, white and […]